Investor Testimonials

What attracted me to EP Guardian Fund was their business model and excellent returns. I have been an investor with EP Guardian Fund since July 2019. Investing with this firm afforded me the opportunity to continue with my portfolio goals of further investment diversification in real estate. I, without any reservation, recommend to others EP Guardian Fund for their investment needs.

– Roy M.

Thank you for helping me provide for my family’s future. EP Guardian has under promised and over delivered. I am grateful to have a money manager working diligently to invest my hard-earned dollars, without having to find the real estate deals on my own. Congratulations for doing an exceptional job for your clients. Your success is well deserved, and your investors are very fortunate.

– Phyllis H.

We really appreciate your work helping to improve our retired lives through the income we receive from our EP Guardian Funds and Enact investments. We live comfortably with these additional funds. Many thanks.

– George