Investor Testimonials

We invested in the Enact Partners Guardian Fund at its inception to provide us with an investment alternative to the stock market. The fund’s returns have been impressive, reliable, and have met or exceeded expectations. Another key factor for us is that the people at Enact Partners are extremely responsive to any questions or concerns we have and their ethics and transparency is shown in everything they do and say.

– Bob and Jocelyn V.

Enact Partners/EP Guardian Fund has been the go-to place for me and my clients’ alternative fixed income investing. They are completely transparent in all their activities and for all the years I have invested, never has there been a foreclosure. They seem well adept at making good loans and safeguarding funds.

– Mike B.

Nowadays, it can be hard to determine which investment companies are trustworthy. I invest with Enact Partners because I have known them for years and I can trust that they will do what they say they’ll do. This brings me immense peace of mind.

– Keith B.

Dana and I have been investing a meaningful portion of our personal balance sheet with Enact Partners since 2016. As an investment, the returns are very attractive, but what makes it work for us is the expertise and diligence that we know is applied to each and every deal in the Guardian Fund. While we understand that there is a risk/return profile with any investment, the most important thing for us is to fully understand it and know that it is well managed. Michael and his team excel in this regard, the fund performs, and the team delivers with transparency, expertise, and exceptional service.

– Ray and Dana P.

I have been an investor with Enact Partners since 2016, now known as EP Guardian Fund. This has proven to be an excellent source of monthly income for me in my retirement. The company provides monthly reports showing current investments performance and prospective new investments. I highly recommend them.

– Elaine N.

The Enact Partners/EP Guardian Fund has been an extremely welcome addition to our investment portfolio. Prior to our participation in the fund, Michael Schumacher took the time to get to know my wife and me and our financial goals. He explained the fund, its history, its mechanics, and what to expect in terms of return on investment. He readily established rapport and transparent communication with us. Because our initial investment was so successful and because of the trusting relationship we formed with Michael and his team, my wife and I decided to significantly increase our investment. Not only has it maintained a higher level of return than many of our other investments, it has done so with minimal risk with the guidance of a competent investment team at Enact Partners. I highly recommend participating in the EP Guardian Fund.

– Mark and Megan W.