Investor Testimonials

I have been very happy with the Guardian Fund’s performance since its inception and enjoy seeing the monthly distributions that arrive like clockwork! I have been investing with Enact Partners for over 5 years now. They are a very professional, well-managed and trustworthy firm whose warm, personal attention and responsiveness is much appreciated.

– Susan B.

We would happily recommend EP Guardian Fund to anyone looking to add to or diversify their investment portfolio. We are very pleased with our EP Guardian Fund investment, which has provided a reliable monthly return that has met and even exceeded our expectations. We have found the Enact Partners team to be capable, responsive and trustworthy, and we are quite confident in their expert ability to manage and safeguard our investment.

– Brian W.

Thank you, EP Guardian Fund! When we discovered Enact Partners’ strategic approach, we made the wise decision to let this group do the work and invest on our behalf. We are thrilled with their trustworthiness, professionalism and best of all, our safe and steady income.

– Matt and Phyllis H.

Enact Partners has been a breath of fresh air to work with and I’m certainly happy with the stable and solid returns that they offer. Enact Partners has simplified my investment strategy. They have relieved me of the stress and time to find, research and complete good real estate deals. I continue to be impressed with their responsiveness, protocol and friendliness. I’m always amazed how easy they make the process for me.

– Scott K.

I’ve found Enact Partners to be very honest, communicative and helpful in every way. All it takes is a few hours of signing loan documents from DocuSign and wiring the funds per their instructions. I am most pleased with this arrangement and now consider it an important aspect of my investment portfolio. The loan payments and returned principal are automatically deposited to my checking account.

– Richard N.

As an investor with Enact Partners for several years, I have always appreciated their responsiveness and professionalism. They have always delivered returns at or above their projections. I have confidently recommended them to a few of my friends and associates, and I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

– Errol G.