The Power of Relationships in Private Lending

With banks tightening the purse strings on lending for commercial purposes in the current economic climate, real estate developers and investors are increasingly turning to private lenders like Enact Partners to finance their projects. While metrics such as borrower creditworthiness, track record, and project feasibility remain essential to the lending process, the relationship between borrower and lender often plays the most pivotal role in overall success.

Enact Partners recognizes the intrinsic value of developing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. It’s a priority that transcends the transactional nature of lending. Our goal is to develop a sense of trust and collaboration with borrowers so we can work together to mitigate risk, help them seize opportunities, and ultimately drive the success of their projects.

Additionally, beyond simply providing capital, our deep knowledge of commercial real estate lending and real estate development allows us to offer valuable insights, guidance, and support borrowers could not get elsewhere. Whether it’s helping to address unforeseen challenges, capitalizing on emerging opportunities, or simply reassessing the trajectory of a project, we believe in strong foundational relationships as being vital for mutual success.

Focus on Long-Term Relationships

While our loans are short-term (with initial term lengths approximately one year) our focus on relationship building is long-term. Most relationships we develop with clients extend beyond the initial loan agreement, evolving as projects progress and circumstances evolve, to include future projects.

No Surprises

Imagine building a relationship with a lender, carefully articulating your financial needs, aspirations, and plans, only to have your loan sold off to another institution. You’d suddenly be thrust into the unknown, grappling with new points of contact and unfamiliar procedures.

While this sort of thing happens quite often with long-term home mortgages, Enact Partners has never sold a loan in its 10+ years of lending. We strive to offer a consistent point of contact, ensuring that our borrowers receive personalized attention and support throughout the loan term. Continuity is key.

Plus, by forging long-term relationships with borrowers, we gain insight into the intricacies of borrower projects, goals, and financial profiles. This deeper understanding helps us tailor funding solutions and offer proactive guidance on current and even future projects.

Allies Not Adversaries

Being in a long-term relationship with a private lender gives borrowers a ready-made ally who can help them respond to market conditions and changing project dynamics. Unlike lending institutions bound by rigid protocols and external stakeholders, private lenders can adapt quickly, offering customized solutions and swift decisions.

Value Creation

For Enact Partners, relationship-building is a journey of long-term value creation. By fostering trust, communication, and understanding, we strive to lay the foundation for success today and for continued success in the future. Our goal is for our relationships with borrowers to extend beyond the lifecycle of a single loan. As borrowers achieve their objectives and embark on new ventures, we want to be the ones to help them do it.

Let’s Work on Your Next Project Together

By prioritizing trust, communication, and long-term partnerships, Enact Partners has become more than simply a facilitator of lending transactions. We’ve become a trusted ally invested in the success of our clients, and in today’s ever-changing lending environment, that’s critically important.

Enact Partners lends on commercial real estate projects with solid fundamentals, offering a reliable, flexible, and stable alternative to banks. Contact us to explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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