Get Faster, More Affordable Loans through the Enact Partners “Repeat Borrower Program”

Access to reliable and quick funding can make or break a commercial real estate investor’s ability to acquire property or fund a building project.

Get Faster, More Affordable Loans through the Enact Partners “Repeat Borrower Program”

Enact Partners makes our already streamlined commercial real estate loan approval process even faster and more affordable for repeat borrowers. By offering quick turnarounds, discounted fees, and favorable rates for repeat borrowers, our goal is to support real estate investors in making their ongoing projects a reality.

What Is the Enact Partners Repeat Borrower Program?

Our repeat borrower program is tailored to the needs of investors who frequently require funding for new real estate acquisitions or development. The program recognizes the value of established relationships with borrowers and aims to simplify the funding approval process for return clients.

  • Streamlined Underwriting—For borrowers who have recently completed loans with us, gathering much of the financial and credit information for underwriting has already been done. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for underwriting subsequent loans.
  • Discounted Fees—To reward loyalty and in recognition of the fewer resources we need to expend to complete the process, repeat borrowers can benefit from lower origination and processing fees for their subsequent loans. This can result in substantial savings over time.
  • Favorable Terms—Repeat borrowers may also receive more favorable loan terms, such as higher loan-to-value ratios or lower interest rates, reflecting the reduced risk associated with known clients.

What Are the Advantages to Borrowers?

  • Faster Approval Times—The primary advantage of Enact Partners’ repeat borrower program is the speed at which new loans can be approved. Because we already have a history with the borrower, we can expedite the process, often providing approval within days.
  • Cost Savings—By offering discounts on fees and potentially lower interest rates, repeat borrowers save both time and money with each new loan. This reduces overall financing costs which can improve the profitability of their projects, allowing them to allocate more resources to development and future acquisition.
  • Increased Negotiating Power—Knowing they have reliable access to capital, repeat borrowers can enter negotiations to develop or acquire new properties with greater confidence. The assurance that funding is only days away can be a significant advantage in competitive markets.
  • Strengthened Relationships—Building long-term relationships with our borrowers fosters trust and cooperation. Our repeat borrowers benefit from our highly personalized service and the greater knowledge we have about their business and objectives. This allows us to better tailor financial products aligned with their strategic goals. In short, we succeed when you succeed, and vice versa.

Repeat Borrower Success Story

A real estate investment group secured a loan from Enact Partners to fund the acquisition and renovation of a commercial retail space. The project was completed on time and within budget. To us, this demonstrated their reliability and ability to manage the project well.

New Opportunity—Within six months of their first loan with Enact Partners, the same investment group identified a new property in Idaho with significant potential. However, they needed to close the deal within 30 days to meet the seller’s requirements.

Our Solution—Leveraging our repeat borrower program, we were able to expedite the underwriting process. Given the investment group’s positive track record, we quickly reviewed the new property’s details and approved the loan within a week. The investment group benefited from reduced origination fees and a lower interest rate compared to their initial loan.

Outcome—The streamlined approval allowed the investment group to secure the new property ahead of competitors, enhancing their portfolio and profitability. The cost savings on fees and interest also contributed to their bottom line, resulting in additional resources for future projects.

Loyalty Has Its Rewards

Enact Partners’ repeat borrower program enhances the lender-borrower relationship by prioritizing the timely access to capital that’s so vital to being able to act on new opportunities. We invite you to become a repeat borrower with Enact Partners so you can enjoy a more streamlined process, greater cost savings, and more favorable terms.

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