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Success Stories

What clients are saying about their experiences with Enact Partners.

We invested in the Enact Partners Guardian Fund at its inception to provide us with an investment alternative to the stock market. The fund’s returns have been impressive, reliable, and have met or exceeded expectations. Another key factor for us is that the people at Enact Partners are extremely responsive to any questions or concerns we have and their ethics and transparency is shown in everything they do and say.

- Bob and Jocelyn V.

Enact Partners/EP Guardian Fund has been the go-to place for me and my clients’ alternative fixed income investing. They are completely transparent in all their activities and for all the years I have invested, never has there been a foreclosure. They seem well adept at making good loans and safeguarding funds.

- Mike B.

Nowadays, it can be hard to determine which investment companies are trustworthy. I invest with Enact Partners because I have known them for years and I can trust that they will do what they say they’ll do. This brings me immense peace of mind.

- Keith B.

Dana and I have been investing a meaningful portion of our personal balance sheet with Enact Partners since 2016. As an investment, the returns are very attractive, but what makes it work for us is the expertise and diligence that we know is applied to each and every deal in the Guardian Fund. While we understand that there is a risk/return profile with any investment, the most important thing for us is to fully understand it and know that it is well managed. Michael and his team excel in this regard, the fund performs, and the team delivers with transparency, expertise, and exceptional service.

- Ray and Dana P.

I have been an investor with Enact Partners since 2016, now known as EP Guardian Fund. This has proven to be an excellent source of monthly income for me in my retirement. The company provides monthly reports showing current investments performance and prospective new investments. I highly recommend them.

- Elaine N.

The Enact Partners/EP Guardian Fund has been an extremely welcome addition to our investment portfolio. Prior to our participation in the fund, Michael Schumacher took the time to get to know my wife and me and our financial goals. He explained the fund, its history, its mechanics, and what to expect in terms of return on investment. He readily established rapport and transparent communication with us. Because our initial investment was so successful and because of the trusting relationship we formed with Michael and his team, my wife and I decided to significantly increase our investment. Not only has it maintained a higher level of return than many of our other investments, it has done so with minimal risk with the guidance of a competent investment team at Enact Partners. I highly recommend participating in the EP Guardian Fund.

- Mark and Megan W.

My wife and I invest in Enact Partners to diversify our investment portfolio and to create a steady stream of predictable monthly income. This has been especially helpful with so much volatility in the market. Outside of the return on investment, it is easy to engage with the Enact Partners team. They are highly responsive and always follow up to make sure my needs and questions are met.

- Aaron and Laura S.

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to diversify their investment portfolio to take advantage of what Enact Partners has to offer. I started with Enact back in 2018 with my original investment. I was very impressed with the monthly gains from my investment which I left there for a few years. After about a 2-year period I reached out and asked for my principal investment back, which I received within 30 days or so, which I was pleased with. At the end of 2021 I reinvested double my original amount and again have been thoroughly impressed with not only my monthly gains but with the level of communication from the Enact staff.

- Joel W.

We highly recommend Enact Partners as a top choice to anyone looking for investment strategies. 5 out 5 stars! My wife and I have been investors with Enact Partners for over five years and it has been a pleasure working with Michael and Lisa. The information provided monthly not only helps keep us updated on the progress of our investment, Enact Partners also provides detailed intel on the market, trends and potential future investment opportunities. The responsiveness is incredible, which is rare these days.

- Dan and Joetta R.

I continue to recommend Enact to anyone looking for a solid return on hard money loans. We are very happy with Enact Partners. I like their conservative valuations, their focus on quality projects instead of churn, and their transparency.

- Gregory H.

Professional, simple and effective. I’ve been investing with Michael and his team for several years now. I get an excellent return on my investment and they are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

- Steven S.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Michael Schumacher and the team at Enact for many years. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to returns on investments.

- Penny C.

I have been very happy with the Guardian Fund's performance since its inception and enjoy seeing the monthly distributions that arrive like clockwork! I have been investing with Enact Partners for over 5 years now. They are a very professional, well-managed and trustworthy firm whose warm, personal attention and responsiveness is much appreciated.

- Susan B.

We would happily recommend EP Guardian Fund to anyone looking to add to or diversify their investment portfolio. We are very pleased with our EP Guardian Fund investment, which has provided a reliable monthly return that has met and even exceeded our expectations. We have found the Enact Partners team to be capable, responsive and trustworthy, and we are quite confident in their expert ability to manage and safeguard our investment.

- Brian W.

Thank you, EP Guardian Fund! When we discovered Enact Partners' strategic approach, we made the wise decision to let this group do the work and invest on our behalf. We are thrilled with their trustworthiness, professionalism and best of all, our safe and steady income.

- Matt and Phyllis H.

Enact Partners has been a breath of fresh air to work with and I’m certainly happy with the stable and solid returns that they offer. Enact Partners has simplified my investment strategy. They have relieved me of the stress and time to find, research and complete good real estate deals. I continue to be impressed with their responsiveness, protocol and friendliness. I’m always amazed how easy they make the process for me.

- Scott K.

I've found Enact Partners to be very honest, communicative and helpful in every way. All it takes is a few hours of signing loan documents from DocuSign and wiring the funds per their instructions. I am most pleased with this arrangement and now consider it an important aspect of my investment portfolio. The loan payments and returned principal are automatically deposited to my checking account.

- Richard N.

As an investor with Enact Partners for several years, I have always appreciated their responsiveness and professionalism. They have always delivered returns at or above their projections. I have confidently recommended them to a few of my friends and associates, and I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

- Errol G.

What attracted me to EP Guardian Fund was their business model and excellent returns. I have been an investor with EP Guardian Fund since July 2019. Investing with this firm afforded me the opportunity to continue with my portfolio goals of further investment diversification in real estate. I, without any reservation, recommend to others EP Guardian Fund for their investment needs.

- Roy M.

Thank you for helping me provide for my family’s future. EP Guardian has under promised and over delivered. I am grateful to have a money manager working diligently to invest my hard-earned dollars, without having to find the real estate deals on my own. Congratulations for doing an exceptional job for your clients. Your success is well deserved, and your investors are very fortunate.

- Phyllis H.

We really appreciate your work helping to improve our retired lives through the income we receive from our EP Guardian Funds and Enact investments. We live comfortably with these additional funds. Many thanks.

- George