Construction Financing: Funding Your Vision for Growth

Astute financial management can often be more important to success in the construction field than physical assets or building know-how. Money and knowing how to make it work for you is often the most essential ingredient for constriction success. Without access to necessary funding, even the most ambitious plans will remain just dreams. 

Construction Financing: Funding Your Vision for Growth

Builders, developers, and investors involved in the commercial real estate sector need access to capital to fuel their various construction-related activities. Access to capital, combined with builders and investors who know how to use it, are one of the best guarantees of timely construction of both residential and commercial properties.

Private lenders like Enact Partners have decades of collective experience in commercial real estate lending and development. As partners in the lending process, we put our expertise to work for borrowers, helping them realize their visions. Without Enact Partners and the access to financing we provide in the form of business construction loans, many commercial real estate construction projects would never get off the ground.

The Significance of Commercial Real Estate Construction Financing

Construction and renovation can be expensive. Commercial real estate construction loans represent short-term access to capital for builders, investors, and developers during the development and building process. Financing might be used to create an entirely new building or to alter or expand an existing structure.

To be successful, commercial real estate borrowers must have a keen understanding of project costs and potential funding sources so they can formulate precise budgets, secure requisite financing, and successfully navigate their project.

At Enact Partners, our commercial real estate experience means we are well aware of the needs of investors, builders, and developers. We also know the pivotal role construction financing plays in whether their projects are successful. From constructing apartments and accessory dwelling units, to restaurants and small office buildings, the capital we provide borrowers is essential to fueling their construction ventures. Of course, as part of the loan approval process, we meticulously evaluate a project’s viability, considering parameters such as profitability, market demand, the proficiency of the borrower’s team, and borrower creditworthiness.

Features of Construction Finance Loans

Customizable Loans—Enact Partners specializes in speed and flexibility. We work with borrowers to optimize their lending experience to align with their project’s unique needs. Construction loans through Enact Partners empowers borrowers looking to embark on ambitious new growth endeavors or seeking to renovate or expand an existing property.

Communication and Transparency—With Enact Partners, borrowers have a direct pipeline to the lending decision makers. We get to know you, your project, and your borrowing needs firsthand. We don’t like surprises and we know borrowers don’t either, so we keep you informed every step of the way.

Efficient Process—Time is of the essence in the commercial real estate industry. Enact Partners approves most loans for qualified borrowers within 7 to 45 days, depending on turnaround times for required assessments. With banks, if they’re even lending for commercial real estate construction, borrowers can expect approval processes of months up to a year.

Lending Partner and Expert—With years of commercial real estate lending and project development under our belts, we become a true lending partner to borrowers, willing to share insight and expertise along the way.

Enact Partners Can Help

Commercial construction loans are essential to success for real estate investors, developers, and entrepreneurs. Working with borrowers, we find a way to make loans work and projects succeed.

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