A Decade of Success: 10 Years and Still Lending

In a world where financial landscapes can shift quickly, Enact Partners has thrived for more than a decade. Founded in 2013, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of our founding this summer.

Enact Partners’ 10-year journey signifies stability, experience, and our deep-rooted understanding of commercial real estate development and lending. The 10-year milestone is also a testament to our unwavering commitment to borrowers and the success of their projects, and to helping investors achieve their financial goals.

In the past 10 years, Enact Partners has faced and triumphed over significant challenges, including:

  • Weathering the economic doldrums of the mid-2010s, which suppressed real estate values.
  • Maintaining our foothold in the commercial real estate lending market and thriving despite a surge of institutionally-backed capital that flooded the private lending arena.
  • Continued lending through COVID while others stopped lending, some of whom discontinued funding projects mid-construction.
  • Continuing to lend successfully on commercial real estate projects during the recent banking crisis while many traditional lenders became unwilling or unable to.
  • Emerging strong and able to meet increased demand following surges in interest rates and the failure of several institutionally-backed private lenders and banks.

The EP Guardian Fund

While Enact Partners began funding private loans in 2013, at the request of investors, the EP Guardian Fund was born and funded its first loan in August 2019.

EP Guardian Fund

Enact Partners manages the EP Guardian Fund and has consistently achieved its target returns to investors with no losses, reinforcing our track record of sound decision-making and prudent risk management.

Successful Track Record

Despite funding complicated projects that other lenders consider too risky, such as land, development, construction, and commercial ventures, our track record speaks volumes:

  • Enact Partners has only foreclosed one property since our founding, reflecting meticulous due diligence and careful risk assessment when making lending decisions.
  • Investor return goals have been met consistently, year-after-year.
  • No investor has ever lost money with Enact Partners.

Excellence In Private Lending

We live in an era where financial markets can be fickle and uncertainty often looms. The unwavering commitment by Enact Partners to its core values, coupled with its extensive experience in real estate, land development, and construction, has paved the way for a decade of success . . . and counting.

Despite the current upheaval in capital markets, we continue to lend on projects with solid fundamentals. We remain confident in our ability to provide borrowers the capital they need to acquire and develop property, while also providing investors the safe and consistent returns they seek.

As Enact Partners proudly proclaims its 10-year milestone, we invite both borrowers and investors to partake in our legacy. The story of Enact Partners is built on trust, reliability, and resilience. It serves as an example of what can be achieved through dedication and commitment to excellence in private lending.

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