Temecula, CA
Vineyard Expansion

About this Property

Enact Partners financed a loan for $1,350,000 to help this borrower purchase 40 acres of vacant land for a vineyard expansion in Temecula, CA. Borrower is an experienced operator with decades of vineyard experience. We found the strengths of this opportunity (borrower has a current successful operation, great cash flow, liquidity and collateral, and low loan-to-value ratio) far outweighed the risks of financing vacant land for a special use (vineyard) and the fact that grapes take three years to mature.


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Other Information

Enact’s communication and personal attention to every detail made all the difference in getting our deal done. We engaged Enact Partners in the fall of 2021 to help us in a very complex real estate transaction. Throughout the entire process, Enact was extremely responsive and easy to work with. I can’t thank Michael and his team enough for how professional they were in helping us close the deal and on time.

– David P.