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Hard Money Loans For Residential And Commercial Properties

Enact Partners provides funding solutions and liquidity to help you accomplish your goals. We provide hard money loans from $500,000 – $15,000,000 at competitive rates and terms ranging from 6-36 months.

Our ultimate goal is to see each Borrower succeed in their projects and businesses. We offer business purpose loans that are collateralized by real estate. Enact Partners can help you meet your financial objectives.  Hard money loans from $500,000 - $15,000,000 at competitive rates and terms ranging from 6 - 36 months. We lend based on the equity in your property.

We typically provide the following loan types: Our loans are for Business Purposes Only.

Construction Loans
Residential Loans
Commercial Loans
Land Loans
Fix & Flip Loans
We do not function like a conventional bank. We take the time to understand each Borrower’s unique situation. Our extensive background in real estate enables us to understand complex real estate deals, and make sense of the asset(s), exit strategy and goals of each Borrower. The deciding factor on loan approval is our forensic assessment of the asset(s) you intend to use to secure the loan.
We customize loan terms for every Borrower with as little hassle as possible. Our ultimate underlying business philosophy is to create a success story for each Borrower.
We make the funding process simple, straightforward, and as hassle-free as possible. We consider ourselves a strategic partner to the Borrower.

Why engage us?

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When Banks Declare NO
We Ask Why Not?

We can fund your loan request without the red tape, bureaucracy, hierarchical decision making and restrictions of traditional financial institutions.

Hard Money Loans From
$500,000 - $15,000,000

We provide asset based loans for your residential or commercial property based on appraised value.

Minimal Documentation Requirements

Your stated income and the equity in your real estate is sufficient to start the loan process with us.

Fast Funding and Closing

We can fund and close your hard money loans within 5-21 days with our simplified process and streamlined underwriting.

Competitive Rates For Hard Money Loans

Our rates are competitive with a typical duration of 6-36 months.

Quick 4 Step process

1. Pre-qualification with initial phone call. 2. Submit your application and documentation. 3. Approval. 4. Get funded.

Private Money Lending

Looking for a Business Purpose Loan and you don’t quite fit conventional parameters, or you don’t have the luxury of time?

We Can Offer Business Purpose Hard Money Loans for:

Non Owner Occupied Residential units
Owner Occupied Residential units for business purpose only
Commercial/Mixed Use/Multi Family
Medical buildings
Office buildings

Storage facilities
Residential Care Facility
Manufactured Homes
Fix and Flip Properties
Land purchases
Property Renovations

We can pre-qualify your loan based on an initial phone call

We typically issue pre-qualification letters within 24 hours and close loans within 5 to 21 days of receiving the Borrower’s documentation. All underwriting and decision making is completed in-house.

Quick and reliable quote on rates and terms

We do not quote specific interest rates on our web site because there are several factors that determine the interest rate and terms of the loan. Some of our competitors quote rates and terms without reviewing the necessary information, to entice borrowers and then fall short of offering those terms. Our experience is that rates you are given without the proper due diligence will not be accurate and are often changed or negotiated late in the process. We stand behind the rates that we quote. Therefore, when you receive a quote from us you can rest assured that it is accurate and well thought through from the start. We are competitive in our markets, and always do our best to offer good rates and terms for each Borrower’s unique situation. Your terms will be determined by a combination of the following: