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Enact Partners produces stable investment opportunities that are aligned with our client's goals

We are a team of Real Estate professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. As Investors ourselves, we have developed, rehabilitated, lent on, invested in approximately $1 Billion dollars in real estate; we appreciate the importance of securing reliable and predictable funding and investment solutions. Our experience in all aspects of real estate affords us the ability to take a consultative approach with our clients.

Our Services

Enact Partners Is A Full Service Real Estate Advisory And Investment Company

Funding Solutions

Enact Partners can help you meet your financial objectives. Learn about funding solutions that we provide to help you accomplish your goals. Hard money loans from $500,000 - $15,000,000 at rates from 8 - 13% and terms ranging from 6 - 36 months. We lend based on the equity in your property.

Real Estate Advisory

With years of experience in real estate investing, valuation and development, we help design your real estate investment strategy and anticipate potential areas of risk. We do this by providing the tools, metrics and guidance necessary to make grounded and deliberate decisions.

Investment Opportunities

Learn about your opportunity to invest in Real Estate with consistent 7%-9% net annualized returns. We build customized investment portfolios secured by real estate. These investments are non-correlated to stock market volatility, are tax efficient, and require no management responsibility.

Our Company

Enact Partners introduces concepts and opportunities that allow clients to diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate that that is not correlated to stock market performance. We help our client's by:
We identify opportunities that have regularly scheduled cash flow, such as asset-based lending.
We offers in-depth analysis to individuals and small companies that is typically only available to institutional investors.
We work directly with a client or with advisors as part of an advisory team.
We have no geographic restrictions.
We have no conflict of interest - no specific properties to sell.

Because real estate investments have far reaching effects, we help our clients carefully consider each aspect of decision-making, particularly since their future is on the line. Our focus is to ensure all actions have a positive impact on our clients' P&L and Balance Sheets taking into consideration market conditions, limitations, restrictions and levers, such as taxes, cash flow, lease structure, legal formation, debt, and time frames.
With our involvement and representation, our clients receive the guidance and tools required to inspect and compare all their options and make more discerning choices in evaluating their real estate investment strategies.
With our years of experience in real estate investing and development, we help anticipate potential consequences that conflict with our clients' goals. We do this by providing guidance and direction that saves our clients a loss of time and/or finances when a real estate investment is not a good match. We then execute tactical buying and/or selling where it fulfills their overall strategy in investing.
The process begins as we show our clients how their real estate is performing; then determine whether it will be sufficient to achieve their goals. In doing so, we identify any gaps in their plan.
We collaborate with the client's CPA, financial planner, attorney, and real estate broker to clearly define the measurement of success of their long term objectives and explore various strategies that work for their unique situation. We determine what asset classes are most appropriate for their needs and develop a strategic plan of action that meets their overall objectives and fits with their circumstances.
Fortunately, we have the freedom to invest our money any way we choose; and to reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of those decisions. For investors who have taken on unnecessary risks, we are starting to see the ripple-effect of negative consequences on their lives and their family. This impact will continue for many years and could span generations. While investment risks are pervasive in any investment class, they must be carefully identified, measured and weighted to your specific situation and goals.
Since our clients have very diverse needs, we believe a customized approach works best. We advocate a low risk investment philosophy with careful underwriting and efficient tax strategies that are aligned with our clients' goals. We promote portfolios that contain income-producing, tax efficient, real estate properties that offer low or no management responsibility. We carefully inspect projects that claim unusually high returns as they rarely deliver as promised and are typically laden with higher than average management fees and risks.
Knowledge is Power. Focus is Everything
Simply put, we help our clients to think beyond a real estate deal. Focusing only on the transaction can divert our attention away from the ultimate goal. Real estate transactions are simply the means to an end, or in other words, the tactics used to support our clients' strategy.
Enact Partners promotes starting with a clear picture of one's goals so that only the steps that contribute to achieving the objectives are taken. While every client's needs are different, we suggest real estate investments that have little or no management responsibility and have the highest risk-adjusted returns available, such as:
Trust Deed Investments
Loans secured by a 1st Trust Deed (Deed of Trust). These are Business Purpose, non-owner occupied loans with low loan to value (LTV)
Scheduled monthly cash flow that is non-correlated with the stock market
Typically 12-24 month hold period
Able to use self-directed IRA's, rollover IRA's, Roth funds, etc.
Advisory Services
Stabilized income, escalating cash flows and favorable rent structures with financially sound tenants to avoid the likelihood of a tenant defaulting, thus minimizing volatility and risk. The current economic situation is highlighting the most important component of income-producing investment property: "income!"
Provides investors with growth and appreciation through favorable lease terms, depreciation/tax advantages and maximum performance through debt and equity ratios.
Coherent with your wealth preservation strategies, such as IRC 1031 exchanges that defer taxes and accelerate depreciation. Our clients benefit from being able to clearly see the tax consequences of various property types.
Able to use self-directed IRA's, rollover IRA's, Roth funds, etc.

Our Clients

Whether you're an individual investor, a business owner, a trusted advisor, or a property owner, we have the resources to help you (or your clients) reach your real estate investment goals. With over 50 years of combined real estate development and investing experience, we provide unbiased strategic guidance and in-depth analysis to create an investment strategy that will reap long-term benefits.
Each one of our clients is different. Their situations vary and they have diverse goals and ambitions. Enact Partners offers real estate investment guidance and tools for a variety of clients that include, in part:

Individuals and family trusts

Individuals and family trusts with real estate holdings or those contemplating buying, selling or leasing.
As an individual investor, you get access to in-depth analysis, usually only available to institutional investors. First, we assess your investment portfolio and help you determine your goals. Then, we analyze investments and make recommendations based on these pre-determined goals.

Businesses or non-profit organizations

Businesses or non-profit organizations looking to assess the performance of their real estate holdings or explore ways to make their real estate contribute towards their business objectives.
Enact Partners gives you access to the tools that simplify the decision-making process so you don't feel like you're being guided towards a real estate transaction that's not in your organization's best interest.


Advisors/Fiduciaries who seek to strengthen their services offering to their clients to include expert real estate investment advice. Enact Partners provides unbiased financial planning services in the domain of real estate investments which includes strategic planning and portfolio management to simplify your clients' real estate decisions. Our collaborative approach helps to broaden the service you provide to your clients who invest in real estate.

About Us

Michael Schumacher President | Real Estate Advisor | Broker
CalBRE Lic. 01413846

As founder and President of Enact Partners, Michael Schumacher enjoys working closely with real estate investor clients. He has executed over $520 million in real estate development and investments throughout the United States for both public and private companies; with clients ranging from individual investors and family trusts to large publicly-traded institutions.

Active in public service, Mr. Schumacher serves on the Carlsbad City Council and on several San Diego regional committees, such as the SANDAG Board of Directors. Mr. Schumacher is currently on the Real Estate Advisory Board of North County Health Services, a non-profit health-care organization and is a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce...

Aaron RothPartner | Real Estate Advisor | Broker
CalBRE Lic. 01833218

Aaron, a second generation real estate professional, has been actively working in the real estate industry since 1997. Aaron has built an impressive career and reputation as a Real Estate Broker, State Certified Appraiser and Investor. His extensive experience and training in the valuation of properties and transactional management is a crucial piece in assisting clients and ensuring successful transactions. Aaron provides a sophisticated consulting approach, with a detailed and analytical perspective of current market trends and conditions.

Previously, Mr. Roth took advantage of the opportunities that arose during the real estate correction by assembling a team and spearheading a fix and flip business ...